The Powerpunk Girls are a team of fictional villains that not only appear in the Powerpuff Girls comic "Deja View", but also appear in the author's Rowdyruff Boys fan-fiction stories. They are created by Oppressor Plutonium to mostly act as a foil to the Rowdyruff Boys. The Girls are made of salt, vinegar and everything nasty (and chemical x). Like the Boys, they have large heads, large eyes, small bodies and tubes for arms and legs but however, the Girls wear different style outfits than each other unlike the Boys' sweatshirts with one stripe and black pants and sneakers. They also came from a different town (Viletown) before moving to Townsville. However, they like to destroy everything, gross people out and dominate their surroundings. Their personalities are opposite to their Rowdyruff counterparts. (Except for Berserk and Brick on the account that they both hide their sensitive sides)

Team membersEdit


Berserk is the oppsite of blossom.she has long messy hair and, and untied ribbons. She wears a plaid shirt, and skirt.also she careless about anything except her family ( brat, brute, dad) she also isn't like dumb like Blossom (powerpuff girl). She's a tomboy, and the smartest of the trio. Hint! She's the oldest, unlike Blossom, and is also a daddy's girl. Berserk is also powerful more than her sisters.


Brat is Bubbles' oppsite she's a tomboy, a girly girl and, a daddy's girl.She weres a blue tank top and, a black miniskirt. She a troblemaker in the group. The difference between bubbles and brat is that while bubbles is a crybaby , brat never cries. she's a tough girl but, she's a mother figure too. Also she likes to talk back to people she hates or, new people. When she wants something she askes her father nicely and that shows that she is the spoiled but somewhat kind one of the group. Hint she's the youngest of the group. Also she is the beautiful slut we that’s what all the boys call her.


Brute is the strongest toughest violent one in the three sisters.